Thursday, 25 December 2008

Status Quo! De Dun De Dun De Dun De Dun...


Merry Christmas everyone! Last Monday I shot my final gig of 2008, and chose a great one to finish on - the mighty Status Quo, who played the LG Arena as part of their 40th anniversary tour. I was covering the gig for Birmingham Live, and you see my review and some other pics right here.


This was the first time I'd seen the Quo live, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. They are a true British institution, and it was a joy to shoot them.


If any of you are wondering where my promised pics of Biffy Clyro are, then I'm sad to say that I didn't get to shoot them in the end - my pass only let me in for the support act. Very annoying, but hopefully they'll your again soon and I'll get to shoot them. Here's some more Quo pics.


It was great to finish my photographic year by adding another big name to my portfolio - I'll be posting a review of 2008 next week sometime highlighting all of my favourite gigs and photos, so check back here then!


If you like these pics, please leave me some comments at the bottom of the page! Here's a few more...


...and some more!


And that's it for the Quo. I also found out last week that Practical Photography Magazine are going to be doing a small feature on me in the March 2009 issue, so make sure you get yourselves a copy when it hits the shelves! Merry Christmas, and all the best for this festive season.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Black Stone Cherry rock Birmingham

black stone cherry 125

Last night I was at the Academy to shoot the mighty Black Stone Cherry - one of my favourite bands. I wasn't shooting the gig for anyone in particular, but I was reviewing it for both Birmingham Live and Powerplay Magazine. It was an awesome, and I go some really pleasing pics.

black stone cherry 143black stone cherry 107
black stone cherry 150

This was the second time I'd shot the band, and the third time I'd seen them live, and they just keep on getting better. They really should have a bright future.

black stone cherry 060
black stone cherry 055black stone cherry 084

A real fan favourite is the band's drummer - John Fred Young, who is a real larger-than-life type character. I've interviewed him twice and can honestly say he's the nicest bloke I've ever met. Because he's awesome, these next three pics are all John Fred, my hair idol!

black stone cherry 110black stone cherry 009
black stone cherry 103

If you ever get the chance to see BSC live then do it - you really won't regret it at all.

black stone cherry 116
black stone cherry 131black stone cherry 120

If you're wondering my support band pics are then you're gonna be disappointed - I arrived too late to shoot Sevendust, and the other band was Stone Gods who I've shot twice in the last couple of months so didn't bother with. Both bands went down really though. Here's some more of the Cherry.

black stone cherry 088black stone cherry 070
black stone cherry 126

Don't worry, there's plenty more yet!

black stone cherry 108
black stone cherry 144black stone cherry 063

I got some really great black and white shots from the gig - a style that really seems to suit BSC very well indeed. Here's an entirely mono section for you.

black stone cherry 080black stone cherry 037
black stone cherry 028

The band are very energetic on stage, really giving it their all, as this next shot shows.

black stone cherry 053
black stone cherry 015black stone cherry 057

Quite simply, BSC are a great band, and I can't wait until they tour again.

black stone cherry 047black stone cherry 014
black stone cherry 017

Just a few more left for you to enjoy, please leave me some comments and let me know what you think of my work!

black stone cherry 022
black stone cherry 007black stone cherry 058

And just a few more!

black stone cherry 142black stone cherry 048
black stone cherry 066

That's it for BSC, hope you liked them. My next gig is probably going to be Biffy Clyro, by which time I will have turned 23 - scary! Catch you soon.

black stone cherry 129
black stone cherry 036black stone cherry 001