Sunday, 26 April 2009

Rude Boys! The Specials show us how it should be done

the specials 015the specials 102

Last night I was back at the Birmingham O2 Academy, feeling very privileged to be photographing Coventry's best ever band The Specials as part of their 30th anniversary reunion tour. I was the only photographer, which was quite surprising really. The only downside was, due to the Academy's new policy on photographers, I had to leave the building after my three songs so I couldn't stay to enjoy the show. What I did get to see was great, and here's my favourite shots from the night. A review for Birmingham Live should hit the net soon!

the specials 057the specials 021
the specials 037

the specials 085the specials 097
the specials 063the specials 055

the specials 052
the specials 023the specials 106

the specials 061the specials 089
the specials 035

the specials 029the specials 016
the specials 082the specials 099

the specials 034
the specials 039the specials 032

the specials 038the specials 020
the specials 075

the specials 072
the specials 044the specials 006

the specials 076the specials 008
the specials 101

There you have it. It's always great to add some genuine legends to your portfolio, and having the chance to shoot a band as important to music as The Specials was awesome. Hope you've liked my pics, if so then leave me a comment below. Hope to see you check back here soon!

the specials 062
the specials 068the specials 001


fixedbroken said...

pictures are awesome dude!
great use of black and white... shame about the shitty policy but glad you had a good time.

Val Blundell said...

Fantastic pictures..i was there Saturday and was surprised there was only one photographer but you certainly got your 3 songs worth.
Quality shots..thanks.

Anonymous said...

amazing pictures you have really captured the night,brought back great memories,thanks again.

Anonymous said...

brilliant set, would ahve loved to photograph them myself but was too busy dancing

Anonymous said...

Dave you are a talented photographer - thanks for sharing these terrific snaps. Cheers from Fester

Foto Clipping said...

wow! amazing pictures. thanks for posting here!